Bespoke Jewellery Design allows you
to create a truly individual piece.

Every creation is personal, exuding a unique character enhanced by its one-off design & craftsmanship.

Hill & Hill are here to help you to bring these unique pieces to life. Based in Altrincham our team can help you create an elegant necklace, radiant bracelets and earrings or an exquisite diamond ring or engagement ring filled with personal touches in the ultimate gesture.

Alternatively, we can adapt heirloom jewellery, carrying on the emotional significance with a transformed look. Each stage of the design process is carefully planned and thought out to suit the individual piece. Our talented team will ensure you are part of the magical journey every step of the way.

The first step in the Bespoke Jewellery Design is a consultation with one of our designers about what you are looking to create as well as your budget and dates.  This appointment can be at our Jewellery Shop in Altrincham, or we can work remotely via phone and video calls to suit your needs.

This is the perfect opportunity to bring along any images or design inspiration that you have so that we can explore the style and personality of the proposed jewellery piece. If you would like to adapt an heirloom piece or any existing jewellery into the new design, you can also discuss this with our team.

Once we have a clear idea of your requirements, we will build on your concept and present you with different visuals to ensure we achieve the perfect piece for you.

You will then be invited to view these proposals in the comfort of our store and watch your jewellery come to life. This may also include sourcing a selection of precious gemstones.

When you have selected the final design, your designer will source stones, ensuring that each gem is hand-picked to complement your model perfectly. Examining each stone closely allows our experts to secure the very best treasures for your commission. They will also finalise the intricate design details to create a high-quality and beautiful piece from every angle.

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Your chosen design is given to our in-house workshop, and our talented goldsmiths begin the process of meticulously crafting your one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

Our in-house goldsmith will set the stones and create your finalised piece. Depending on your design, this can take several hours, and they will handcraft intricate elements to meet your final bespoke design specifications.

We will invite you to our Hill & Hill showroom to present you with your beautiful bespoke jewellery in our comfortable surroundings. You will have an opportunity to try on your new piece of jewellery to ensure it meets your requirements.

To discuss our Bespoke Jewellery Design service
& how we can help you, please give us a call – 0161 929 5018


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