Is Bespoke Jewellery expensive?

Our bespoke service is free of charge. The jewellery we create for you costs the same as if you were to buy it on the shelf. We can work towards any budget from £500 – Skys the limit

What if I don't know what ring size I need?

Don’t panic or start rummaging in a jewellery box for an old ring to measure. This may ruin the surprise and can be very inaccurate! Simply let our experienced designers make an estimated guess based on photos of who the jewellery is for or their clothes size. If we get it wrong there is of course no charge to alter. Unlike most bespoke items, with jewellery, alterations can be made after the piece has been given.

What if I have no ideas?

No problem that what we are here for!

Where will my jewellery be made?

All our jewellery is made in our workshop in the UK.

What if I don't like the designs?

The design process will continue until you are happy with the perfect idea.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A £50 design fee is paid at the initial consultation. Of course, if you choose to have your jewellery made by us this £50 is then knocked off the quote you have agreed.

Can I choose my own stones?

Absolutely! We can get many stones in for you to view with no charge or obligation. Any size, colour or shape…there are no limitations

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