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When it comes to buying an engagement ring you need to do some homework.  And that’s not just trying to work out what your bride-to-be actually likes, its also learning a bit about diamonds as well as how you can discover your loved ones perfect size. Whether you’re searching for a ring that is wonderfully modern or crafted around traditional styling, our team has been selling engagement rings for over 20 years, so why not visit us to discover how we can help?

Engagement Rings Cheshire

Rules of Engagement

When it comes to “popping the question” there are some things you have to get right, and the ring is one of them.  Engagement rings tend to be a single diamond, and that diamond comes in different sizes and shapes.  You could also have a single diamond surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds.  So, before coming to see us, try and find out what your partner likes

You have to be careful not to give the game away, but have a look at other rings, and casually slip into conversations pictures of types of rings and gauge their reaction.  Oh, and don’t forget that we will need to know ring size too,so bring in with you one of their favorite rings.

Design and make the perfect
Engagement Ring

Whether you plan to propose on a romantic trip to New York,  on a weekend away in the Lake District, or at home on a Sunday morning, no matter where you are the moment has to be right.  Revealing that ring has to be a “wow” moment.   We are extremely proud of our collection of beautiful engagement rings, with some of the most beautiful diamonds available.  

We have every diamond shape, and can source any size, from £300 to £100,000, whatever you want we can either source it, or have it made.  Our in house designers, Jo or Bethy, can sit with you and design an absolutely amazing, and completely original ring.  Imagine how impressed your partner would be if you had gone to the effort to design and make your own engagement ring!!?   Come and say hello. 

Engagement Rings Cheshire



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