Piercing Aftercare

How to look after your piercing.

Remember that healing times vary with the type and position of the piercing and can differ significantly from person to person. Some piercings can take a year or more to heal.

Please do not remove or replace the initial piercing jewellery until it is fully healed aside from returning to the studio at the time advised by your piercer for your essential downsize

Things to expect from your piercing.

For the first few weeks, expect the area to be red, tender & sometimes swollen or bruised.

Some piercings bleed on and off and secrete a sticky clear/white/pale fluid throughout the healing process. This is normal and doesn’t always mean infection so please don’t worry!

General aftercare for all piercings.

Clean your piercing twice daily using the products advised by your piercer. Make sure your hands are clean before touching your piercing and wipe away any debris with a cotton pad.

When cleaning, ensure any balls or attachments on your jewellery are tightened as they can become loose easily due to the natural movement of the area.

Downsizing your needle piercing.

Almost all needle piercings are performed with a bar that is slightly too-long to allow for swelling. Once you have wiggle-room on the bar, a downsize isessential to avoid irritation. 

Things to avoid.

Avoid playing, fiddling with or moving or twisting the piercing. This will likely increase healing time, cause it to swell, and/or cause an infection.

Please also ensure you don’t push backs on or over tighten your jewellery. 

Concerns or questions…

…PLEASE get in touch. If you are ever in any doubt in regards to your piercing (regardless of where it was done or what advice you have been given) please pop in and see us! We will always help as much as we can.

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