Piercing FAQs

Will it hurt?

YES! It’s a piercing. However, all our piercers are very experienced, delicate and quick. Will endeavour to make you as comfortable as possible.

How do you pierce?

We use both the gun and needle methods. We believe that there is a place for both depending on your age and the piercing you desire.

Do you have price list?

The piercing and after care are free! You simply pay for the jewellery that you choose to be pierced with.

What jewellery do you pierce with?

All of our piercing jewellery is implant grade titanium or 14/18ct solid gold. Much of our jewellery has CZ’s or Diamonds in.

Can I have more that 1 piercing at an appointment?

Of course, just let us know when you’re booking and wear your big girl pants!

How do I book an appointment?

Call 0161 929 5018 or text 07814255321 or Email shop@hhtj.co.uk 

Do you pierce men and women?

Of course.

What parts of the body do you pierce?

All parts of the ear and noses/septum! No intimate bits!

Can I bring a friend to hold my hand?

Yes as long as they aren’t squeamish and understand that they will probably end up leaving with a new piercing too!

My piercing has fallen out, what should I do?

Try and put it back in with clean hands. If you are unsure call or pop in ASAP for advice. Piercings can heal up very quickly.

My piercing is swollen what should I do?

Call or pop in for advice. In the meantime, used a Chamomile tea bag soaked in warm water as a compress on the piercing.

I’m worried about my piercing, what should I do?

Call us or pop in. Don’t be shy, we would always prefer to see you than you suffer in silence. Most issues can be rectified easily.

What should I clean my piercing with?

Whatever your piercer suggested at your appointment.

Do you pierce children?

Yes! From the age of 6. They must come with a guardian, fully consent themselves and be mature enough to sit still and fully understand the aftercare advice.

To book an appointment or discuss our piercing service
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