Call 0161-929-5018 between Monday to Friday 10am – 5pm or email shop@hhtj.co.uk.

Yes! From the age of 6. They must come with a guardian, fully consent themselves and be mature enough to sit still and fully understand the aftercare advice.

Yes it will be, it is a piercing. However, all our practitioners are very experienced, delicate and quick. We will endeavour to make you as comfortable as possible.

We use both the gun and needle methods. We will decide which is most suited to you depending on your age and the piercing you desire.

The piercing and after care are FREE OF CHARGE! You simply pay for the jewellery that you choose to be pierced with. We have hundreds of earrings to choose from between the price range of £40 – £300.

Of course, just let us know when you’re booking and wear your big girl pants!

All parts of the ear and noses/septum. However no intimate bits!

Try and put it back in with clean hands. If you are unsure call or come into the store ASAP for advice. Piercings can heal up very quickly so don’t panic!

Call or come into store for advice. In the meantime, used a Chamomile tea bag soaked in warm water as a compress on the piercing.

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