Jewellery Repairs

Do you have a sentimental piece of jewellery that has broken and needs fixing? Or have you caught your necklace and the chain needs fixing?

Our team at Hill & Hill The Jewellers in Altrincham offer a highly skilled yet affordable jewellery repairs service to repair all your jewellery breakages.

Local Jewellery Repairs

We can repair or alter anything and everything! Some of the repair services we offer include resetting and replacing of diamonds/gemstones, clasps, catches & settings as well as repairing of beaded necklaces/bracelets and broken chains. 

We also offer re-sizing of rings, re-polishing and Rhodium Plating!

Jewellery Cleaning & Polishing

Has your jewellery become dull and needs cleaning? We offer a full cleaning and polishing service, removing scratches from your jewellery and bringing the sparkle back to your diamonds.

Professional Jewellery Repairs

We have all the tools and materials needed to repair your old or damaged jewellery in our workshop. 

Therefore, that means you can look forward to quick jewellery repair from expert technicians.

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