Same Sex Wedding & Commitment Jewellery

Hill & Hill The Jewellers are here to help you choose your gay/lesbian wedding and engagement rings and civil partnership rings – in fact any kind of ring to show your love and commitment!

We offer a variety of rings that couples can pair together in any combination. We love that all couples can pursue their own personal styles when choosing wedding jewellery, whether forging new traditions or participating in classic ones. The ring pairings chosen by our LGBTQ customers vary widely, though many of our customers choose engagement and wedding rings that either match or have common elements.

Eternity Rings are a stunning option for both men and women...

This style has diamonds going all the way around the ring. It is not only beautiful in its appearance but its symbolism – it is symbolic of the eternal love you have for each other. These rings are super versatile as they can be stacked with other rings or worn on their own. They make a great engagement ring or wedding ring. They’re also suitable as an anniversary gift!

Visit us to view our selection of rings, or to discuss your bespoke jewellery requirement. Our boutique jewellery store in the heart of Altrincham, Cheshire. Why not make a day of of your trip to see us and visit Altrincham Market to for some excellent food and drinks, and a little retail therapy too?

Choosing the perfect rings as a same-sex couple

At Hill & Hill, we believe in making the whole process as stress-free as possible, and we’re here to help you pick out the perfect matching ring set for you and your partner, or to help you find individual rings that perfectly suit your unique styles.

Our range of wedding rings include bands in a variety of widths and metal types including rose, yellow, white gold, silver, platinum, to modern two-tone rings and even diamond set designs for lovers of a bit of sparkle.

Our extensive collection means you’ll find the perfect engagement ring to suit all tastes and budgets, from elegant diamond solitaires to modern cluster rings and unique designs – we have you covered. If you opt for a bridal set, then you’ll have a wedding band included, or you can choose to shop for the two rings separately.

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