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The art of the curated ear is our speciality!

Look around boutique gyms, co-working spaces for the creative industries and stylish bars, and you will undoubtedly see women with intricately pierced ears.

They may have four gold hoops hanging in a single lobe, diamond bars “stacked” along their cartilage, or a skull-shaped stud glimmering from their antitragus. They’re all fans of the “curated ear” – a craze for multiple ear piercings, in unusual placements – that has arguably replaced tattoos as the body adornment du jour.

Luxury piercing by by Hill and Hill the Jewellers at our Piercing Boutique in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Whether you are looking at adding a row of hoops up your ear or are looking for a selection of studs, our professional piercer will introduce you to our versatile selection of jewellery and guide you in your unique ear curation.

The most popular curated ear trends we are encountering include a “stacked lobe”, with ear piercings that go above and are parallel to first and second lobe piercings, and a “high conch” piercing, in the upper, flat part of the ear.

“We wanted to make ear stacking and mixing up your ear jewellery more accessible, by making it affordable without compromising on quality,” says Bethy Heighton, piercing afficionad0.  Visit Bethy in the Piercing Boutique at Hill & Hill the Jewellers in Altrincham.

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